Christmas Nike Kobe 10

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Nike BHM High Sean Hotchkiss and Cold Spring Apothecary have made a really nice candle for you guys to burn. IíŽm not sure if you guys are aware, but IíŽm a fucking candle expert. And Palo Santo and White Sage are two very dope scents. This candle somehow has both of them. Everyone always remarks on a good candle. So have a few nice candles at your disposal. Did you guys know that Sean Hotchkiss and I were both at Pitti the season Lawrence led the barbarian invasion of the Fortezza da Basso? Well we were, so we go way back. This is when Park & Bond (R.I.P.) was BOOMING. Ever since then, Sean and I see each other once or twice a year and itíŽs always a very dope and pleasant experience. Much like burning this candle will be. Buy this candle and Hotchkiss will include an embarrassing anecdote about me or Lawrence. That may or may not actually happen but itíŽd be funny if it did right??

Christmas Nike Kobe 10,