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The accelerating pace of fashion came under serious scrutiny last year after designers like Raf Simons ?and? Alber?Elbaz ?stepped down from their positions. Following their departures, both designers made comments about the speed of fashion and the affect it can have on creativity.

Christmas Nike Free Trainer 3.0 V3, To find out if others were feeling the same pressure, Dazed ? caught up with designers at London Collections: Men to see if fashion should slow down. Their responses reveal that there might not be a clear answer on this one.?

Several of the designers, like? Astrid Andersen ?feel?that the pace is too much since it can be hard to find that much inspiration in such a short time. ?

Christmas Nike Free Trainer 3.0 V3 Matthew Miller ?agreed, explaining,? Yeah it needs to chill out, it really does. I doníŽt think itíŽs necessarily the pace of fashion, itíŽs more so the pace of the technology that delivers the fashion, says Miller. Things are consumed far too quickly íV this is one of the big killers of subcultures; things doníŽt have a chance to spread progressively and naturally through word of mouth or through magazines.

But, others like J.W. Anderson and Craig Green actually enjoy developing their collections at a quicker pace.

Nike Free Dynamo ížI think itíŽs at the perfect speed, because fashion has to articulate where we are today and fundamentally we are in a day where media is incredibly quick, boredom is at an all time low íV the minute you see something youíŽre over it, says Andersen. So if you doníŽt conform to that speed then you doníŽt operate in a modern culture you know? I think you have to deal with it...itíŽs a part of it...itíŽs exciting.