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Donald Trump, Darth Vader, and Barack Obama made a surprise appearance on the runway during Paris Fashion Week yesterday. The president and head of state hopeful showcased t he latest collection from the Parisian brand Avoc alongside other notable names like Hillary Clinton and El Chapo.?

Christmas Nike Air Yeezy, Of course, the brand didn't actually get the politicians to walk in the show°Xit was just models wearing latex masks°Xbut it certainly made for an interesting debut for the menswear brand. For what reason they chose to cover their model's faces with masks, we're not totally sure. Maybe it was supposed to be some deep commentary on the U.S. political system. Maybe there is some parallel between Darth Vader and Donald Trump or Barack Obama we're unaware of that will shatter our brains if we think about it too much. Logistically, it could have been a way to prevent the model's faces from distracting attendees. Or, in an industry where a couple?buzzworthy moments can make or break a career, perhaps it was a simple publicity stunt to get people looking at the brand.?

According to WWD , Avoc was scheduled to present their Fall/Winter 2016 collection at the Bataclan?Theater, but plans were changed following the November terrorist attacks.? Still, it looks like the brand, which attempts to fuse fashion and decorative arts through its unisex clothing, found a way to get people talking about its first runway show.?

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°X WWD JAPAN (@wwd_jp) January 20, 2016