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During London Collections: Men last week, Mashable conducted its own ?game of ¡§snog, marry, avoid¡¨¡Xa more G-rated version of the ever-popular ¡§shag, marry, kill.¡¨ But rather than using celebrities, the publication decided to present current fashion trends as options, allowing complete strangers to reveal their feelings about polarizing style fads.

Christmas Nike Air Max 2019, Everything from glitter beards and skinny jeans to man buns and socks with sandals were presented¡Xand let¡¦s just say the results were as funny as they were diverse.?

You can check out some of the highlights below. To see the full list of answers, go to Mashable ¡¦s website .

Christmas Nike Air Max 2019 Snog: ?Top knot,? Marry: ?Harry Styles' floral suits,? Avoid: ?Glitter beards.

I'd avoid the glitter beard, snog the top knot and I'd marry Harry Styles. We're talking about his suits, right?

Snog: ?Athleisure,? Marry: ?Dresses for men,? Avoid: ?Socks and flip flops.

It's a tough one. Yeah, I reckon I'd snog athleisure. I think it's a practical look. Dresses for men: I love the gender bending look. I'd marry it, for sure. Socks and flip flops ¡X avoid, avoid, avoid.

Christmas Nike Air Max 2019 Snog: ?Athleisure,? Marry: ?Hawaiian shirts,? Avoid: ?Harry Styles' suits.

Nike Free Run 5.0 V2 Harry Styles' suits are just too much. He's trying way too hard.