Christmas Nike Air Max 2016

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A Los Angeles brand is cashing in thanks to Rolling Stone's recent interview with El Chapo .

Christmas Nike Air Max 2016, The menswear retailer Barabas is now using photos from the notorious drug lord's meeting with Sean Penn to sell its clothing. In two of the images taken with the actor, El Chapo?is sporting colorful bright blue button downs by the brand.?

Barabas is taking advantage of the free press by has posting the photos on its website and social media accounts. The photo of the actor and El Chapo shaking hands is posted alongside a photo of a model sporting the same ridiculous style with the caption Most Wanted. ?A post on the brand's Facebook even offers a chance to win their El Chapo shirts if you like and share. ?

Christmas Nike Air Max 2016 Apparently, using El Chapo as a salesman is working. The site crashed last night due to the influx in people trying to purchase the shirts.

Nike Free Run + 3 Barabas Website is Down Notice: Due to unexpected very high traffic to our website our server is down. Our...

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