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A new study has revealed that when it comes to shopping it pays to be a man.

Christmas Nike Air Jordan Transformers, The New York Consumer Affairs Board recently found that women are paying more 42 percent of the time for identical items. The Board reviewed male and female versions of almost 800 products from 90 brands spanning 35 categories.

The results determined that, despite being made of the exact same materials, things like women's clothing costs eight percent more and pe rsonal care products like razors were marked up 11 percent for females. The largest discrepancy came in the hair care category, where women are paying 48 percent more for items like gel and shampoo.?

Christmas Nike Air Jordan Transformers According to Dazed , the UK stats are similar with Amazon selling a women's razor for $3.32 and an identical men's product for $2.66.

Nike Air Max TN III The numbers suggest that women will end up paying thousands of extra dollars over their lifetime.?A study done in 1994 by the State of California found that these gender-pricing disparities cost women an average of $1,351 a year.?