Christmas Nike Air Jordan 11 Heels

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Nike Air Jordan 3.5 Talk about a global coming-together. California's Stüssy, Amsterdam's Patta and Paris's Pigalle got in the same room together to do a little diddy for the people. They made a couple of t-shirts last year and this little collection plays off the same look. On a pair of white and black hoodies and tees, the three brands drop their names and logos along with? lyrics from the Talking Heads' This Must Be The Place, that are great for esoteric, vague references to life¡Xespecially relatable if you just went through a breakup or had something terrible happen to you. There is also?what looks like a large, colorful skull playing chess with a bunch of smaller skulls. Which is a great allegory for your life as someone who is dead inside being the pawn in the game of someone more powerful than you who is also dead inside. Ok, that just got a little bit too real for Monday afternoon. Anyway, if you're in Amsterdam, you'll be able to pick this up at Patta on December 18th. No word yet on a wider release. ?

Christmas Nike Air Jordan 11 Heels,